Don't redecorate.. rejuvenate

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We’ve all done it, we’ve sat there and looked around our homes and spontaneously decided that it drastically needs a makeover. And it needs one now!

Bearing this in mind, that a guaranteed 90% of the times, our homes don’t even need a makeover (as your credit card is still crying from your redecoration just last Christmas); they simply only need a few new accessories to change the appearance on the room. You really don’t need to spend a fortune overhauling a room just because you change your mind on the décor more times than England has lost on penalties.

All you really need is some colour.

We all know the kitchen is the heart of every home, so why not start in this room first? First thing in the morning, we head to the kitchen. As soon as we come home from work, we head to the kitchen. Heck even in our middle of the night slumber, we’re known for sneaking into the kitchen. If you’re going to spend so much time in there, then why not brighten it up with a fabulously bright kitchen bar stool?

vercelli bar stool

Pink to make the boys wink or yellow to make you mellow? How about blue to bring the boy out in you, or green to make it fresh and clean? There’s a colour for everyone at, and it really is a brilliantly cheaper way to redecorate your home.

If orange makes you… ok, so nothing rhymes with orange; yet it’s still the colour to make you smile, take a look at the Modena bar stool. Its vibrant tropical colour will soon have you singing “how do you like your eggs in the morning?”

Maybe you’re a huge footy fan? A red or blue? With the colourful Vercelli Funky bar stool; you may find yourself switching teams to support.

Don’t spend a fortune, simply add some pizazz with a colourful kitchen bar stool from

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All the pod cons

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The word “pod” is a term more frequented to various groups within the botany, zoology and marine biology world. From the fruit of a plant, such as the humble garden pea; to a school of mammals such as dolphins and whales, the phrase pod literally is a universal vessel.

There is a lesser known species which is commonly being referred to as a pod; and that is the kitchen bar stool. As the pod of a plant houses its seeds; the innovative pod barstool houses our derrieres, so to speak. With contemporary curves, and a fresh funky design; the pod bar stool is starting to take over kitchens everywhere.

Perugia cool bar stool in yellow

Let me set the scene… You’ve moved into your fabulous new modern city slicker, open plan apartment high above the hustle and bustle of the city streets. You of course want to throw the moving in party to end all parties. One small problem? Your kitchen stools are embarrassing! Old and tatty sub-standard, four legged low level monstrosities which would look more at home in a museum.   

Pod bar stools to the rescue! These durable, convenient and super stylish bar stools deserve the pod name that graces them. Take the Cool Perugia Yellow Pod Bar Stool. This gorgeous summery stool brings rays of glorious sunshine into your home and everyday life. It truly is stunning. If yellow isn’t your thing, and you’re more of a black and white retro lover; then check out the Monza Pod Bar Stool. This stool looks like its stepped straight from the set of a Hollywood black and white movie!

No matter what your décor, style or taste is; has a magnificent and colourful range of pod stools to suit.

Isn’t it time you got all the pod cons in your home?

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Fixed Height – What a Delight

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Bar stools are quickly taking over the world. They’re in bars, clubs, restaurants and now our homes. The beauty of a bar stool or kitchen stool as they are becoming known; is that they offer more versatility and convenience than the standard kitchen chair.

You may think bar stools are only for the city slickers out there, in their chic apartments drinking cocktails every night. Well you couldn’t be so far from the truth.

Bar stools are brilliant. Plain and simple. They are just like your usual kitchen chair, except they are higher! These magnificent stools are not only comfortable, fabulous and extremely impressive; but they also give you a whole new view point on your home. Who needs space consuming kitchen tables when you can prop up a bar stool at a high level breakfast bar?!  The breakfast bar is not just a table, it’s also a kitchen counter, and we all know how quickly we can run out of surface space when cooking for family and friends. 

Who wouldn’t want to grace their beautiful homes with a set of fabulous bar stools?

Okay, so I can hear the sighs from parents everywhere. “But I have children, and I feel they may break my gorgeous new bar stools by excessive playing with the gas lift lever?” Well there is only one answer to this question I’m afraid, and no it’s not to get rid of your children; it’s simply get some fixed height bar stools. Ingenious I know.

Alessandria Z-Shaped Bar Stool

You get all the added requirements of a bar stool. Plush leather seats, Nifty high backs, and armrests; plus fixed height legs to keep your stool firmly in place at all times.

Gather the girls round for drinks and a gossip round your new gorgeous breakfast bar and fixed height stools. Dazzle them with the stunning Z-Shaped Alessandria Bar Stool! Just because they are fixed height bar stools, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have 4 legs. If wooden frames are more your forte then the Ferrara Leather Bar Stool is calling your name as we speak.

At, fixed height bar stools are quite simply making a stand for themselves!

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The Gorgeous Gas Lift Bar Stool

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Now that bar stools are quickly becoming the kitchen chair of choice, the question on everyone’s lips is “What exactly is a gas-lift bar stool?”

Gas is generally associated with cooking right? Wrong! Gas-lift bar stools are an ingenious invention which, with the concept of using a mini inbuilt gas cylinder and spring, the user can modify the height of the stool by using a simple lever function; creating the perfect comfortable sitting height in line with the breakfast bar or high level table.

You may be wondering why that would be such an added benefit over standard fixed height bar stools. Well this of course gives the bar stool user an increased level of comfort along with excellent ergonomic benefits.

What are ergonomics? The basic ergonomics or human factors as they are more commonly known; are the scientific disciplines of understanding how we humans interact with other objects. If for instance, you was sat on a bar stool where your height was much greater than the breakfast bar or table, thus forcing you to slump and stoop into an uncomfortable position to allow you to reach a height in which you can enjoy your breakfast easier; this would be bad ergonomics. The body needs to be aligned correctly in the first instance in order to optimise your well-being and overall performance. In layman terms, stop you from getting a bad back!

We’ve all been there, sat on chairs with the wrong height for hours on end, where eventually we are forced to readjust our posture continuously due to back ache. This needn’t be the case anymore! Gas lift chairs have long been in the work place for pen pushers all over the world… now’s the time for the gas-lift chair revolution to hit the kitchen in the form of a bar stool!


Plush leather seats, high backs, arms rests, 360 degree swivel functionality, chrome foot rests…. so many beneficial extras, so little time!

Gas lift bar stools are a fabulous accompaniment to your home, regardless of your style and décor. Do you have a traditional kitchen? No problem, take a look at the Venice bar stool. Its stunning curved tub shape compliments even the humblest of surroundings.

Do you live in a fabulous new apartment with open plan kitchen? Easy, the uber trendy Trieste bar stool is the one for you!

Whatever your chosen design, gas lift bar stools are here to stay! Join the height adjustable revolution or forever hold your…back!

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The Perfect Stool

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So you’ve decided you need some bar stools in your life? You’ve made the decision to jump from chair to stool, and you’re all but ready to make your purchase; except for one thing… Which bar stool is absolutely perfect for you and your home? Do you have a set height in which you want your stools to fit? Do you want them to neatly tuck away under a specific width of breakfast bar?

Are you not shy of a few extra breakfasts, and want to make sure your new fabulous stools can live up to your expectations?The only simple way to find out which bar stool measures up to your requirements; is to simply measure up!

The first thing you have to decide is where are you going to proudly display your new bar stools? Is your kitchen more country than cosmopolitan? More traditional than trendy? Are you a bright and light décor? Or dark and dusky? All these factors bear heavily in your decision of design. Some people match the seat colour of their bar stool to the colours of the walls, some match it to the kitchen cupboards. Why not contrast your colour scheme with a bright and funky look?

Benito Purple Bar Stool

With all the colours of the rainbow available, make a bold statement with outrageous orange, or masculine magenta - guys there are other colours than black you know!

Ok, so maybe you’ve now got a colour in mind, now to pick the style of bar stool. From fixed-height to swivel, gas-lift to pod shaped; there’s a huge variety to choose from, so choose wisely.

This is where the gas-lift bar stool steps up. The standard height of a breakfast bar is approx. 900mm, so to sit comfortably underside the surface, you’re going to need a bar stool which has a seat height of approximately 600/700mm, leaving you with enough leg room to fit underneath comfortably.   

Convinced you want a gas-lift bar stool? Combine it with a swivel design and you’re guaranteed to not be disappointed. These magnificent stools operate with a simple gas-lift lever allowing you to find your perfect height with ease. Add a vibrant colour and impressive chrome frame; and it’ll knock the socks of everything else.

If you’re more of a fixed-height fanatic, then take a look at the gorgeous leather finish bar stools. The striking wooden fixed leg frame mixed with exquisite leather upholstery; will remain firmly in place no matter what derrière you throw at it.

With bar stools in all shapes, sizes and styles, you’re going to be spoilt for choice at

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Bar stools are not just for bars!

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When you think of a bar stool, what do you think of? A row of builder’s bottoms lined up against the bar of the local pub? A night-out watching the football on the big screen? Sticky carpets and endless queues for the ladies?

Well you’d be in the top 10% of people if you didn’t automatically think this; however the time has come for the humble bar stool to cast off its tarnished name and prove its colossal worth.

Allegro Deluxe BlackBar Stools are indeed not just for the pub or trendy wine bar. They are quickly becoming the next generation of kitchen chairs for the home. Long gone are the days of gathering round the kitchen table for breakfast, and in steps the high level breakfast bar with its espresso coffee machines, and high level yet astonishingly comfortable dining.

These mighty stools have created a whole new atmosphere where once formal gatherings have now become social events. Universally popular with adults and kids, bearing in mind that you need to keep a watchful eye on small children when using a high level bar stools; these graceful inventions are now the perfect accompaniment to your breakfast table or bar.

Bearing that in mind, choosing the right bar stool for you is not always as straight forward as you may think. You need decide if you want to stay at a fixed dining level, or whether you want a chair that puts the Oooh into Ooohhmph. Gas lift bar stools are increasingly popular as they allow you to adjust the desired height needed with a simple pull of a lever.

With colours and finishes to suit even the craziest of decors; our vibrant and stunning designs are going to get you pulling out your credit card quicker than I can say La Spezia Fabulous!

Girls get your pink on... guys get whatever your girl wants on, and say good morning to your brand new fabulous bar stools.

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